The Afeka Center for Mobile Intelligent Experience is a unique hub of research and development for the next generation of mobile products and technologies.
The combination of intelligent mobile technology and development capabilities with intelligent interfaces and user centric design is a unique mix that offers industry a one-stop solution for developing state-of-the-art products. 
Our multi-disciplinary group combining know how of intelligent systems (learning), natural user interfaces, multimodal interfaces, voice, touch, gestures, machine learning, mobile software, human factors and usability, focuses on understanding and contributing to the future of mobile technology. We are working on projects ranging from user studies of mobile experiences, over investigating novel interaction techniques, applications and services, which support the interaction between mobile devices, technology and users.
Our Services
  • Consulting
  • design of advanced interactive solutions based on natural user interfaces (sound, touch, gestures)
  • Prototyping
  • User-center design, User testing and evaluation
  • Customizing and enhancing existing or new products for users with special needs
  • Specialized courses in mobile technology and user-center design
  • Conferences and workshops