Dr. Talya Porat
Dr. Talya Porat
Specializing in Human Factors Engineering, Talya has more than 15 years of industrial experience in the field of human factors, human computer interaction and user experience.
Prior to joining Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Talya was the founder and head of the usability lab at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories at Ben Gurion University and an associate
researcher and lecturer at the Industrial Engineering Department.
She holds a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering from Ben  Gurion University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and specializes in the medical, military and mobile
Our Services
  • Consulting
  • design of advanced interactive solutions based on natural user interfaces (sound, touch, gestures)
  • Prototyping
  • User-center design, User testing and evaluation
  • Customizing and enhancing existing or new products for users with special needs
  • Specialized courses in mobile technology and user-center design
  • Conferences and workshops